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Current Status: Approved

Policy Type: All University

Effective Date: 04/04/2017

Last Updated: 03/08/2019

Applies To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Policy Owner: Assistant Vice President of Safety and Risk Management

Policy Contact: Assistant Vice President of Safety and Risk Management


Cancellation or delay of classes and events at St. Cloud State University happens only occasionally, and closing the university is a rare occurrence. St. Cloud State University has established procedures for cancellations and closings with consideration for the safety of the campus community.

Please read and save this information regarding procedures for class and event cancellations and/or closings due to weather or other circumstances pertinent to the health and safety of the campus community.


Decision Making

The Asstistant Vice President for Safety and Risk Management (or designee) will coordinate the decision-making process regarding closing and cancellations. The information gathered during the notification process will be forwarded to the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the Provost for consultation with the President concerning a final decision.

The following related areas (the Notification Tree) will be contacted during the decision making process for cancellation/closing by phone or e-mail.  Supervisors in the areas listed below will be responsible to check with all areas within their department or building and report up to the Assistant Vice President of Safety and Risk Management on status or complications due to closings or cancellations.

  • Atwood Memorial Center
  • Miller Center
  • Husky Bookstore
  • Athletics Facilities
  • St. Cloud State (Plymouth)
  • Residential Life/Garvey Commons
  • Husky Shuttle (MTC Bus)
  • Health Services
  • Public Safety
  • Human Resources
  • Student Life
  • Facilities Management

Provide information from the preceding steps to University decision makers:

  • Consult with Vice President for Finance and Administration and Provost.
  • Consult with President about final decision.
  • Contact University Communications to communicate decision to campus community if cancellation or closing is involved (will not communicate if the decision is to not cancel or close).
  • Contact Facilities Director who will make sure maintenance is prepared to mobilize. If potential for prolonged closing check with contracted food and beverage vendor about food supplies.

Any decision to cancel/delay classes and events and/or close offices due to weather, is made after consultation, as appropriate, with the Minnesota State Patrol, Minnesota Department of Transportation, the Weather Service, Minnesota State, a St. Cloud State University meteorologist and Metro Bus. Decisions regarding weather-related closing, cancellation or delay of the St. Cloud State at Plymouth will follow the lead of other nearby Minnesota State institutions.

When a weather situation occurs that has a potential to require a decision about cancellations or closings, the following steps will be taken:

  • Receive local weather forecast from SCSU Meteorology Department.
  • If timing permits, schedule meeting to discuss potential severe weather with departments in notification tree.
  • Discuss possible decision with St. Cloud Community and Technical College’s Vice President for Administration.
  • Discuss City of St. Cloud snow plow activity and schedule.
  • Direct Public Safety to confer with Highway Department and State Patrol.
  • Review any evening events with the notification tree. Evening Events will be put onto the EMS (Emergency Management System) in order to allow the Vice President of Safety and Risk Management to assess what events are currently scheduled for the day.


St. Cloud State makes every effort to announce any cancellations/closings by 5 a.m. (6 a.m. for St. Cloud State at Plymouth) regarding day classes and events and before 3 p.m. for evening classes and events. Closings for St. Cloud State satellite locations at other institutions follow hosting campus’ decisions regarding closings, cancellations and delays.

In addition to campus-wide Star Alerts and e-mail, notifications will also be posted on the university website (, the St. Cloud State University Facebook page (, and on twitter ( Additionally, St. Cloud State and St. Cloud State at Plymouth cancellations/closings are announced on the following radio stations, television stations, and newspaper website.


  • KVSC 88.1FM (Campus radio station)
  • WJON 1240AM/WWJO 98.1FM (St. Cloud)
  • 7FM/KNSI1450AM/KZPK98.9FM (St. Cloud)
  • WCCO 830 AM (Twin Cities)
  • WYRQ 92.1FM/KFML 94.1/KLTF 960AM (Little Falls)
  • KWLM 1340AM/KQIC102FM/KOLV 100/KFLN106.5FM (Willmar)

TelevisionWCCO Ch. 4

Newspaper website –

Weather Related Messaging

The following message types will be used to announce weather related decisions. Sample messages can be found in Supporting Documents.

  • Winter Weather Delay (late start: Classes Delayed & Offices may be opening late)
  • Classes Canceled (Classes Only Cancellation: Classes & Events Canceled/Offices Open)
  • Classes Canceled, Offices Closed Early (Closure: Classes Canceled & Offices Closing At XX)
  • University Closed (All Day Closure: Classes Canceled & Offices Closed)

In the interest of the safety and well-being of our campus community, the university urges students and employees to use their good judgment in making decisions about attending class or work.  Employees should contact a direct supervisor if there is a need to consider alternative arrangements.

Supporting Documents (Forms, Instructions)

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Responsible University Officer
   Trubacz, Joseph
   Vice President for Finance and Administration
   Cashman, Jesse M.
   Assistant Vice President of Safety and Risk Management

   Cashman, Jesse M.
   Assistant Vice President of Safety and Risk Management

Administrative Assistant
   Siminoe, Judith P.
   Special Advisor to the President

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