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Current Status: Approved

Policy Type: All University

Effective Date: 04/04/2017

Last Updated: 04/04/2021

Applies To: Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors

Responsible University Officer: President

Policy Owner: Interim Assistant Vice President for Safety and Risk Management

Policy Contact: Interim Assistant Vice President for Safety and Risk Management


Extraordinary circumstances or conditions may require university cancellations or closing for the health and/or safety of the campus community.


Decisions about cancellation or delay of classes and events at St. Cloud State University occur as necessary for the safety and security of our campus community. The president or president’s designee has the authority to make determinations about cancellations and closings. St. Cloud State University has established procedures for orderly cancellations and closings to ensure timely and informed decisions, effective notifications, campus safety, and continuity of essential services.

In the interest of the safety and well-being of our campus community, the university urges students and employees to use their good judgment in making decisions about attending class or work. Employees should contact a direct supervisor if there is a need to consider alternative arrangements.

Please read and save this information regarding procedures for class and event cancellations and/or closings due to weather or other circumstances pertinent to the health and safety of the campus community.


Decision Making

Depending on the reason for the cancellation or closing, emergency services or other outside entities (fire departments, law enforcement agencies, energy providers, system office, etc.) may suggest modifications to this procedure.

Generally, when an event prompts consideration of cancelling or closing, the Director of Public Safety (or designee or other appropriate employee) will initiate the decision-making process by conducting research and gathering data. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • checking the SCSU Event Management System (EMS) or contacting appropriate event coordinators to determine activities that could be affected by a closure,
  • consulting with experts such as the SCSU Meteorology faculty or staff trained in emergency preparedness,
  • making calls to the city of St. Cloud or other external entities, or
  • consulting with Facilities supervisors about the number of staff on hand.

The information gathered during this process will be communicated to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Provost, and the President. The President may contact others for further consultation. Employees or outside entities contacted by the President will vary depending on the reason for the cancellation or closure. Decisions are made after joint consultation about risks, safety, and the particular conditions of each unique situation. The President (or designee) is the final decision-maker.

University Communications will be notified if a closing or cancellation message needs to be broadcast. Facilities Management will work with facilities staff on essential and/or specific duties related to the closing or cancellation. Other departments or vendors, such as public safety, residential life or food services may be involved as needed, particularly for extended closures.

Weather Specific Closing or Cancellation

Inclement weather creates specific risks that need to be examined to insure the personal safety and well-being of our campus faculty, staff, and students. Thus, in addition to the standard closing or cancellation procedures, decisions to cancel/delay classes and events and/or close offices due to weather may include, as time and circumstances dictate, consultation with the Minnesota State Patrol, Minnesota Department of Transportation (and/or MnDOT website), Stearns County Emergency Preparedness, the Weather Service, Minnesota State, a St. Cloud State University meteorologist, Metro Bus, the St. Cloud Community and Technical College’s Vice President for Administration, the City of St. Cloud Public Works Department (snow removal), and others as appropriate.

Weather Specific Closing or Cancellation-Plymouth

Decisions regarding weather-related closing, cancellation or delay of St. Cloud State at Plymouth will follow the same investigative and consultative approach using data relevant to the Plymouth location. The president (or designee) is the final decision maker.


St. Cloud State makes every effort to announce any cancellations/closings by 5 a.m. (6 a.m. for St. Cloud State at Plymouth) regarding day classes and events and before 3 p.m. for evening classes and events. Closings for St. Cloud State satellite locations at other institutions follow hosting campus’s decisions regarding closings, cancellations and delays.

In addition to campus-wide Star Alerts and e-mail, notifications will also be posted on the university website (, the St. Cloud State University Facebook page (, and on Twitter ( St. Cloud State and St. Cloud State at Plymouth cancellations/closings are also announced on the following radio stations, television stations, and newspaper website. Other media outlets may be utilized as appropriate.


  • KVSC 88.1FM (Campus radio station)
  • WJON 1240AM/WWJO 98.1FM (St. Cloud)
  • 7FM/KNSI1450AM/KZPK98.9FM (St. Cloud)
  • WCCO 830 AM (Twin Cities)

Television:  WCCO Ch. 4

Newspaper website:


The following message types will be used to announce closing and cancellation decisions.

  • Delay
  • Classes Canceled
  • Classes Canceled, Offices Closed Early
  • University Closed 

University Communications will provide specified times and other details related to events, delays, and/or office openings and closings in the communicated notifications.

Supporting Documents (Forms, Instructions)

Feb 9 2017 8:19AM


Campus Community

All students, faculty, staff of St. Cloud State University, and visitors, volunteers, consultants, or other individuals performing services on university property. 

University Property

All land, buildings, facilities, parking lots and other property in the possession of, owned, rented, leased, maintained, or controlled by St. Cloud State University. The term Campus may be used interchangeably with University Property. 


Responsible University Officer
   Wacker, Robbyn R.
   South, Steve
   Interim Assistant Vice President for Safety and Risk Management
   South, Steve
   Interim Assistant Vice President for Safety and Risk Management

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