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Current Status: Approved

Policy Type: All University

Department/Division: Division of Student Affairs

Effective Date: 09/01/2015

Last Updated: 01/19/2024

Applies To: Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors, Contractors, Vendors

Responsible University Officer: President

Policy Owner: Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs, Vice President for University Affairs and Advisor to the President

Policy Contact: Director of Public Safety, Office of Human Resources, Office of the Division of Student Affairs


Excessive alcohol and/or other drug use is potentially associated with death, sexual assault, violence, injury, property damage, and a host of other negative consequences that affect St. Cloud State University and the surrounding communities. The misuse and abuse of alcohol and other drugs poses a serious threat to individuals and the University’s ability to fulfill its educational mission.


This policy applies to all employees, students, registered student organizations, visitors, and guests on or in University owned or operated property. It also applies to employees, students, and persons representing the University who are engaged in on-campus and off-campus university activities such as officially sanctioned field trips or registered student organization sponsored activities. Students and student organizations on travel status may be subject to further restrictions or allowances.

While the policy applies to all employees, some have a greater responsibility in supporting compliance, including but not limited to, student leaders, registered student organization advisors, community advisors, public safety officers, coaches, faculty, and those traveling with or leading students in off-campus events and activities. 

University employees are expected to:

  • Hold students and others accountable for behavior that violates the Minnesota State Board of Trustees (hereinafter Board) Policy 5.18 (Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus), the SCSU alcohol and ather drugs annual notification, and/or student code of conduct, including referring incidents to University and/or law enforcement officials as appropriate.
  • Support students’ and others' efforts to achieve healthy and productive lives by referring them to appropriate services, programs and activities. St. Cloud State University will fulfill this commitment by assuring that 5% of the net proceeds the University generates from the service of alcohol at events on campus support alcohol and other drug education and prevention programming at St. Cloud State University.


Except as allowable in Board policy 5.18 and as authorized by Minnesota statutes in accord with the exceptions section below, this policy prohibits the illegal or disruptive use, possession, production, manufacture, distribution, promotion, advertising, sale, or even being in the presence of alcohol, other drugs and controlled substances, and drug paraphernalia on property owned or operated by St Cloud State University. Some conduct outlined under this section is also prohibited for students off campus.

Disruptive use of alcohol and other drugs is prohibited. Disruptive use of alcohol and other drugs, regardless of where consumed or ingested, includes behavior that disrupts the University community, endangers the health or safety of self or others, results in damage to University or personal property, or requires the intervention of University or community resources. Examples of disruptive use include, but are not limited to, disorderly conduct, excessive noise, violence, threats, vandalism, or intoxication (regardless of age), that leads to intervention by University personnel, law enforcement personnel or medical personnel.

Although the Minnesota medical cannabis law and program allows seriously ill Minnesotans to use medical marijuana to treat certain conditions, the possession and use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law, including the drug-free schools and communities act, the controlled substances act, the campus security Act, and Board Policy 5.18. Therefore, the use, possession, production, manufacture, and/or distribution of marijuana continues to be prohibited while a student is on University owned or controlled property or at any event authorized or controlled by the University.

Display, Promotion, and Advertising:

Except as allowable in Board policy 5.18 and as authorized by Minnesota statutes in accord with the exceptions section below, the public display of advertising or promotion of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, in University buildings or any other University owned or controlled area including all University-owned or controlled housing areas is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to displaying alcohol or illegal drug related containers, banners, “trophies,” lighted signs, large inflatable advertising, or devices intended for rapid consumption of alcohol on University property. Possessing or displaying any of these materials may be considered evidence of use, consumption, or distribution.

It is also a violation of this policy to:

  • Use alcoholic beverages as awards or prizes, or provide promotional items such as cups, clothing, keychains, and frisbees which advertise alcohol or illegal drugs at University sponsored student events.
  • Advertise alcohol and/or illegal drugs in University controlled or affiliated publications, or on University premises, including University-affiliated websites.
  • Advertise brand names, logos, prices, visual images or phrases that refer to consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or use of illegal drugs.
  • Use alcohol for recruiting and student organization fund-raising activities and events.
  • Purchase alcohol and other drugs with University or organization funds, including student activities fee allocations.
  • Consume or transport alcohol and other drugs in University vehicles.


Violations or apparent violations of this policy, local ordinances or state or federal laws may subject student(s) and/or student organizations to disciplinary action under the student code of conduct whether the violation occurs on or off campus. Based on the nature of the alleged violation a student, registered student organization, or club may also be charged with a violation of a local ordinance, state, or federal law. Proceedings under the student code of conduct may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings at the discretion of the University.

Determinations made or educational sanctions imposed shall not be subject to change because civil or criminal charges arising from the same facts were dismissed, reduced, or resolved in favor of or against the student, registered student organization, or club.

SCSU employees are expected to follow Minnesota statutes and board policies and procedures about employee conduct and ethics, as well as their respective collective bargaining agreements, and are subject to disciplinary action as outlined therein.


Instructional Exception: Alcohol may be used for instructional purposes in the classroom or laboratory in accordance with Board Policy 5.18.

Special Event Approval Exception: The chancellor or the Chancellor's Office, or the president of St Cloud State University and the president’s designee may approve the use of on-site wine and malt beverages at specific University special events either on or off campus consistent with this policy, MN H.F. No. 2749 and other board and SCSU policies and procedures.

While some events may be approved for alcohol use by the Minnesota state chancellor, the Chancellor’s Office, or the SCSU president or designee, disruptive use of alcohol and other drugs is always prohibited.

Advertising Exception: Generally, public display of advertising or promotion of alcoholic beverages in University buildings or at University events is prohibited as outlined in this policy and in the annual alcohol and other drugs notification. However, limited promotions and advertising may be permitted if an advertising plan is submitted and approval is granted on the alcohol exception application. The form to request exceptions is found in the supporting document section of this policy.

The University may permit limited advertising of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with approved events only when the primary audience of the associated program or activity is non-students and when the primary focus of the event is not the distribution or sales of alcohol. When permitted, the content of any alcoholic beverage advertisement must not appear to encourage the misuse of such beverages, must include specific warnings against abusive or unsafe use of alcohol, and/or must directly and conspicuously promote responsible use of alcohol. Advertising must be submitted to University Communications or designee for review and approval prior to acceptance.

Good Samaritan Exception: A “good samaritan” exception for code of conduct violations will be recognized and honored when a person in violation of this policy comes to the aid of another in seeking professional help or in reporting the occurrence of a crime or more serious code of conduct violation; that person will not be held accountable for the violation.


For students, the procedures set out in the student handbook will be followed. For employees, board procedures and collective bargaining agreements will be followed. Students, employees, or other violators of this policy may be held accountable by University officials, St. Cloud Police, or others in accordance with other university policies, local ordinances, and state law.

Procedures for applying for an exception are included in the alcohol exception application and the alcohol exception process flow chart found in the supporting documents section of this policy.


narcotics, booze, whisky, controlled substances, intoxication, party, parties, drunk, drinking, drinking games, beer pong,

Supporting Documents (Forms, Instructions)

Aug 29 2017 3:35PM
Dec 28 2023 8:46AM
Dec 28 2023 8:46AM
Jan 19 2024 3:57PM

Supporting URLs

Websites, Related External Documents, Statutes



Any product, including spirits, wine, beer, or other containing one half of one percent or more of alcohol by volume and every consumable liquid or solid containing alcohol.

Controlled Substances

includes, but is not limited to, any drug, substance or immediate precursor in Schedules I-V of section 152.01 (MN Statutes). This definition includes any synthetic drug, prescription drug not issued to the student, and/or any otherwise lawfully available product used for any purpose other than its intended use.


Activities that include, but are not limited to, official meetings, practices, competitions or trips involving students, registered student organizations, or intercollegiate athletic teams.

Medical Cannabis/Marijuana

Pills, oil or liquid obtained directly from one of two authorized state manufacturers accompanied by required packaging and labeling used to alleviate suffering from certain qualifying conditions.

Registered Student Organization

Any student organization that has successfully completed the registration process outlined in the Student Organization Guidebook and registers each academic year with the Department of Campus Involvement.

Sell and Serve

"Sell and Serve" refers to events in which the event participants pay for alcohol through a cash bar, concessions, or in on-site sales transactions. If the event is a “Sell and Serve” event the University shall not be involved in alcohol related financial transactions on site. University sponsored or coordinated events cannot include alcohol in the ticket price or price of admission.

Serve Only

"Serve Only" refers to events in which alcohol will be served free of charge to the event participants.  The sponsoring department or event sponsor/host pays for the alcohol using non-University funds or a third party covers the invoice. Contributions by the St. Cloud State University Foundation or a business should be separate transactions in which event guests do not participate.


All Persons or group of persons who:

  1. Are enrolled in one or more courses, either credit or non-credit, through a college or university; or
  2. Withdraw, transfer, or graduate after an alleged violation of the code of student conduct; or
  3. Are not officially enrolled for a particular term but who have a continuing relationship with the college or university; or
  4. Have been notified of their acceptance for admission or have initiated the process of application for admission or financial aid; or
  5. Are not college or university employees and are not enrolled in the institution but live in a college or university owned or controlled residence hall.

Travel Status

The period from departure until return to campus by students who have obtained travel authorization through the appropriate university representative for a university student event.

University Property

All land, buildings, facilities, parking lots and other property in the possession of, owned, rented, leased, maintained, or controlled by St. Cloud State University. The term Campus may be used interchangeably with University Property. 


Responsible University Officer
   Wacker, Robbyn R.
   Rodriguez, Katrina L.
   Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs
   Siminoe, Judith P.
   Vice President for University Affairs and Advisor to the President
   Besse, Linda
   Office of Human Resources
   Dobmeier, Melissa A.
   Office of the Division of Student Affairs
   Schnettler, David J.
   Director of Public Safety

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