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Current Status: Approved

Policy Type: All University

Effective Date: 08/01/2015

Last Updated: 12/10/2021

Applies To: Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors

Responsible University Officer: Interim Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration

Policy Owner: Interim Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration

Policy Contact: Director of Business Services, Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services


St. Cloud State University (SCSU) works to fulfill its learning commitment to enhance global and cultural understanding. This involves receiving international visitors. Due to the complexities involved in facilitating legal entrance into the United States, determining payment types allowable to persons in various visa classifications, completion of income tax and/or tax treaty documents, procedures for obtaining taxpayer identification numbers, among other procedures; the Center for International Studies (CIS) coordinates the invitation, welcome, and maintenance of records for all international visitors to SCSU.


Certain payments and services provided to international guests and visitors may result in U.S. tax consequences for the beneficiary. In order to comply with Minnesota State Procedures and Guidelines and the Internal Revenue Service, documentation must be provided on the SCSU International Visitor Worksheet along with copies of supporting documents to CIS.

In advance of offering contracts or paying expenses in support of international guests, data required by the SCSU International Visitor Worksheet must be provided to Minnesota State Finance Division, Tax Services, for a determination of whether any tax withholding is required. This applies to expenditures for honoraria, stipends, and all compensation, and may apply to transportation, lodging, and meals. All planned payments to, or in support of, international visitors to SCSU, or other locations on SCSU’s behalf, should be reviewed by Minnesota State Finance Division, Tax Services. Compensation and expenditures cannot be processed by SCSU Business Services until this review has occurred and documentation is attached. This includes payments from one office to another within the university.

Changes in the international visitor’s activity during the visit that will result in any compensation by SCSU, or enhanced support through SCSU, must be reviewed by CIS following the same process as the original plan for the visit and prior to payment.


An international visitor is any person who is not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America. Any international visitor who desires a visit to SCSU and any person/group interested in inviting an international visitor(s) to campus should notify, in writing, the Associate Vice President for International Studies. The Center for International Studies staff will then:

  • Determine whether the visit is subject to this procedure.
  • Assist appropriate University staff in establishing a workable budget.
  • Correspond with the international visitor(s) to obtain demographic information needed to process immigration and tax filing.
  • Determine which visa type is most appropriate for the international visitor.
  • Produce immigration documents that will enable the visitor to apply for a U.S. visa and legally enter the United States.
  • Prepare and send an invitation packet that includes:
    • Dates of the visit.
    • An overview of the activities that will take place during the visit and/or a detailed itinerary
    • A detailed explanation of funding, including honorarium, travel reimbursement, and/or meal allowances.
    • Guidance on completing IRS paperwork, including application for Individual taxpayer Number, W-7, W-9, W-8 BEN, and/or 8233 along with instructions on returning the forms to CIS.
    • Guidance on obtaining an appropriate non-immigrant visa allowing entry into the United States, and a detailed explanation of immigration forms produced by CIS.
    • CIS contact information should the invited scholar have questions regarding payment, tax reporting, or immigration.
  • Send a copy of the Invitation Letter to SCSU’s Provost and President.
  • Establish a file for each international visitor.
  • Process immigration, insurance and tax forms.
  • Convey documents needed to assure tax withholding to Minnesota State Finance, Tax Division.
  • Convey documents needed to support appropriate payments by Business Services to provide compensation, reimbursement or support as approved.
  • Welcome the international visitor(s) to campus with a brief orientation program that verifies legal entrance into the United States pursuant to visa classification

Campus Visit
During the visit, the visitor will maintain direct contact with the proposal originator and follow the schedule of planned activities. Any changes from the original plan that result in additional compensation or financial support on behalf of the visitor require the assistance of the CIS to assure compliance with visa and tax requirements.


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Responsible University Officer
   Golombiecki, Daniel R.
   Interim Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration
   Golombiecki, Daniel R.
   Interim Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration
   Nelson Ramos, Kristy M.
   Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services
   Wagner, Jeffrey S.
   Director of Business Services

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