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Current Status: Approved

Policy Type: All University

Department/Division: University

Effective Date: 04/16/2020

Last Updated: 03/31/2021

Applies To: Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors, Contractors, Vendors

Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Finance and Administration

Policy Owner: Campus Security Supervisor

Policy Contact: Campus Security Supervisor


St. Cloud State University establishes official building hours and regulates access to increase security for students, employees, and campus visitors.


University buildings will have established business hours when most facilities are available to the general public. Full Access and Limited Access hours (see chart below) will be listed on the University’s website and may be posted at building entrances. University buildings exist to fulfill the purposes of the university and restrictions may be imposed to assure that university objectives can be achieved.

Building hours may be adjusted for federal holidays, significant campus events, academic or summer schedules, or for unexpected university delays or cancellations, such as in response to inclement weather. A building may be closed for any number of reasons including, but not limited to, extensive repairs, remodel, safety reasons, planned demolition, budget savings, or because of a closure decision made by the University President.  A limited number of employees will have access to closed buildings due to the nature of their work. If the campus is closed due to an emergency or by decision of the president or president’s designee, all buildings except for Garvey and residential halls are considered in “Building Closed (not Off Line)” status and should only be accessed as absolutely necessary to maintain operations and protect and serve people and property. For example, if the campus is closed by decision of the president because of weather, students and certain employees would still access residence halls and the dining hall for the necessities of shelter and food, but should not be accessing facilities such as classrooms, practice rooms, athletics facilities, or the library.

Individuals who are allowed access to specialized areas in University buildings must follow established safety guidelines for those areas. Specialized areas are understood to include science labs (research and teaching), computer labs, art and theatre production areas, machine shops, studios, practice rooms/rehearsal spaces and other areas where specialized equipment or materials are kept. Department heads are responsible for making sure that rules and/or safety guidelines are clearly posted in specialized areas of their building(s), or that individuals with access have been given information about specific rules or safety protocols prior to entering these areas. Department heads who are unsure about signage or safety information must contact SCSU's Safety and Health Administrator for assistance.

Any person with access to University buildings after full access (business) hours shall not prop open doors or allow unauthorized persons into the facility. Individuals authorized to be in University buildings after hours are authorized only for specifically designated areas and are not allowed free access to all areas of the building. 

Building Access Types

The various access types are described below. Building hours for each type may vary. Hours will be determined based on the uses of the facilities as coordinated between Public Safety and Facilities Management.

Access Type


Lock Status

Full Access Hours (Business Hours)

Hours in which buildings are open to the general public.

Doors with card readers and main entry points are in an unlocked state


Limited Access Hours

Hours in which buildings are closed to the general public.

Employees with key or key cards access can enter buildings.

Students can enter buildings as needed (e.g. buildings containing 24 hour computer labs), including via the ‘building connector path’ (aka the skyway).

All exterior doors are secured.

Restricted Access Hours

Hours in which buildings are closed to the general public

Employees and students who have a specific need to access the building must obtain approval to enter under supervision or via key or card access.

All exterior doors are secured.

Building Closed (not Off Line)

Temporary closure (i.e. for weather or repairs). Employees (such as faculty for critical research or equipment) may access only areas needed to ensure necessary operations as approved by an administrator.

All exterior doors are secured.

Building Closed (Off Line)

Hours in which buildings are closed and no access is permitted to anyone unless designated by assignment. (E.g. employees at the direction of a supervisor to perform necessary work, construction/facilities workers, etc.)

All exterior doors are secured.


Certain types of access require a key or electronic key card. Employees, enrolled students, and affiliated persons may be granted access to buildings by following the procedures found in the Key and Electronic Key Card Policy. (See Related St. Cloud State University Policies)

Requests for Access or Changes to Building Hours

Full Access Hours and Limited Access Hours - Requests for permanent changes to Full Access Hours and Limited Access Hours shall be submitted to the Director of Emergency Preparedness & Transportation Services. The request will then be reviewed by the division of Finance and Administration, to include Human Resources and Facilities Management. 

Requests for temporary exceptions to Full Access Hours and/or Limited Access Hours shall be submitted to the Director of Emergency Preparedness & Transportation Services.  Special events, weekend classes or other such events that occur outside these hours may be allowed, provided they have been approved. The request will be reviewed by Finance and Administration, and if approved the Public Safety Department will communicate in advance to Facilities Management (to ensure proper heating, cooling, ventilation and the appropriate schedule for locking/unlocking the facility). 

Restricted Access– Requests for restricted building access must be submitted on the Key Card Access Request & Agreement or the Key Card Contractor Request & Agreement (See Supporting Documents). 

Students (both undergraduate and graduate) and volunteers cannot be in a building after hours unless they have been granted Restricted Access or are under the direct supervision of a faculty or staff member with restricted access who is actively monitoring the student’s work or activities.

Building Closed Access – Buildings are put in closed status for very specific reasons, often involving safety and security. Whenever possible, employees who know they will need access when buildings are closed (e.g. someone with oversight of a research lab), should work with their dean or supervisor to make arrangements with Public Safety in advance. Requests for access may be sent to Public Safety utilizing the Key Card Access Request form (See Supporting Documents). For emergency requests, please contact public safety directly at the Public Safety Communications Center at 320-308-3333.


Certain locations have business needs requiring that they regularly have varying access hours depending on work or events conducted or scheduled in the building. The Welcome Center, Minnesota Highway Safety and Research Center, Atwood Memorial Center, Halenbeck Hall, Herb Brooks National Hockey Center, and St. Cloud State at Plymouth are examples of buildings that will have variable hours of operation and will not have to consistently seek exceptions to building hours. Buildings with consistently varying hours of operation will have a building manager or designated employee who must make decisions concerning hours of operation and provide SCSU Public Safety and the Director of Facilities with their general hours and their 24/7 contact information. These buildings are subject to all other aspects of this policy and procedure.


Students in violation of this policy will be held accountable through the Student Code of Conduct.

Employees in violation of this policy will be held accountable through the disciplinary practices found in employee contracts.

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Responsible University Officer
   Ries, Tressa
   Vice President for Finance and Administration
   Schnettler, David J.
   Campus Security Supervisor
   Schnettler, David J.
   Campus Security Supervisor

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