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Current Status: Approved

Policy Type: All University

Department/Division: Division of Student Affairs

Effective Date: 10/15/2014

Last Updated: 11/22/2022

Applies To: Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors

Responsible University Officer: Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs

Policy Owner: Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs

Policy Contact: Office of Atwood Memorial Center, Office of the Division of Student Affairs


St. Cloud State University recognizes chalking as a creative and effective means of event promotion.  


Sidewalk chalk (chalking) is prohibited on university property except by a St. Cloud State University organization, department, or program (sponsor) that has provided prior e-mail notice to the Office of Student Life and Development. 

Chalking is a temporary communication medium that can be used to promote University activities and events while fostering our commitment to a welcoming and diverse environment. Chalking shall only be applied by a St. Cloud State University sponsor in accordance with the chalking procedure.

Chalking is exposed to the public, thus the university cannot assure that messages will remain as created or not be altered. St. Cloud State University reserves the right to remove any and all chalking on university property that is not compliant with the law, this policy and associated procedure, SCSU codes of conduct, or other university policies.  


St. Cloud State University organizations, departments, or programs (sponsor) that wishes to use chalk as a communication medium to promote university activities shall provide prior notice via e-mail to the Office of Student Life and Development at the following email address: Notification should be made preferably 7 business days prior to the application of chalk to SCSU property. Sponsors shall provide the following information when making notification to the Office of Student Life and Development: 

  1. Sponsor (SCSU) organization, department, or program 
  2. Contact person name 
  3. Contact person e-mail address 
  4. Contact person phone number 
  5. Description of the event 
  6. Date and time of the event 
  7. Preferred/requested chalking location(s) 
By submitting notification to the Office of Student Life and Development sponsor acknowledges they understand SCSU’S Chalking Policy and Procedure and that violation of the policy/procedure may subject the sponsor to University conduct or disciplinary processes. 
The following procedures apply: 
  1. All chalking must pertain to the particular event or activity submitted via e-mail to the Office of Student Life and Development. 
  2. The chalked text must include the time, date, and place of the event and shall not be applied more than 7 days in advance of the event. 
  3. The chalked text or artwork must identify the sponsor either by recognized name, acronym, or symbol. 
  4. The chalked text or artwork must not be obscene, threatening, or slanderous.
  5. Chalking may only be applied using non-toxic, water-soluble sidewalk chalk. Paint, spray chalk, charcoal, or any other material that does not easily wash off is strictly prohibited. 
  6. Chalk cannot be applied to buildings, installed art, decorative walkways, signs, or other structures, and must be limited to main concrete sidewalk areas exposed to the weather. 
  7. Chalk cannot be applied within the canopy, overhang, or apron at covered entrances and must be at least 20 feet from any non-covered entrance. 
  8. Chalk shall not be applied over another posted event.


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Any limitation on activity, by statute, regulation, contract or action of an official of St. Cloud State University


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University Property

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Any individual other than a student, employee, construction employee, contract employee, affiliate, emeriti, or vendor who is on University Property.


Responsible University Officer
   Rodriguez, Katrina L.
   Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs
   Rodriguez, Katrina L.
   Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs
   Benson, Darla A.
   Burnett-Pick, Susan P.
   Office of Atwood Memorial Center
   Dobmeier, Melissa A.
   Office of the Division of Student Affairs

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